NewTech is a manufacturing integration firm with in-depth knowledge and expertise specializing in the delivery of aging, obsolescence aerospace assemblies and components. Our record is well documented for delivering multiple orders on time and on schedule, in full compliance meeting stringent DoD regulatory requirements.  Our long standing partners bring over 50 years of engineering, overhaul, DOD systems and manufacturing experience to NewTech’s unique capabilities.  With its team, NewTech continues to tackle many of the military’s obsolescence challenges, specifically where a product’s life cycle no longer fits together with the life cycles of required components.   


A Department of Veteran Affairs certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small business (SDVOSB), NewTech provides innovative, cost-effective, qualified, and reliable solutions for government and industry. 



NewTech has established itself as a premier provider of support to operational management, with a focus on preventative maintenance and repair services of electronic, precision and computer numerically controlled (CNC) based commercial equipment. Offering its expertise to a broad range of government and commercial clients throughout the United States, NewTech's primary customers are in the aerospace, industrial, and land industries; and, food processing preventive maintenance and repair services. 



NewTech's senior leadership and management include a retired Air Force Officer, Civil Service and Military Program Managers, Certified Technicians and Engineers. This team of experts understands the intricacies of sustaining equipment and machinery in today's environment of high-performance, state of the art, technology and processes. 


Coupled with the compliance requirements and unique technologies of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as government regulators, the operational environment for most industries has become significantly more challenging. NewTech's ability to balance performance expectations with scheduled and unforeseen maintenance requirements while maintaining critical equipment in operational environments is what we do best for our customers. 

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