There is a very unique set of complexities between legacy manufacturing processes in parts production and in employing today's high-tech equipment in the delivery of those same parts meeting OEM compliance requirements. Our abilities afford us capabilities to balance that unique set of manufacturing complexities.


NewTech has the capacity to provide a range of manufacturing capabilities from delivering hardware to high tech aviation parts and components on a small and large scale order. NewTech processes are designed to provide our customers with full traceability throughout the entire manufacturing order with lot tracking as required. Our highly trained staff brings us a wealth of experience in product resting from rigorous First Article Inspection (FAI) processes to verifying that critical dimensions and tolerances have been achieved, to ensuring customer specifications. 



Digital Engineering   


NewTech is applying Digital Engineering into Aerospace & Defense. Digital engineering is the creation, capturing and integration of digital data to aid in system engineering and supply chain engineering tasks and analysis. It is not just the existence of the data, but the integration of the digital engineering data into model-based system applications that can relate that data to itself and to physical products. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is involved to handle digital artifacts in an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of systems data and models. Once the digital engineering data is available, new technologies can be used to enhance engineering practices, including advanced computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and robotics. 


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